Residents urged to take all precautions following grizzly bear activity in Brackendale

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) and District of Squamish are issuing a warning following reports of grizzly bear activity once again in the Brackendale neighbourhood (Reid Road and Dryden Road area). Multiple reports from residents described a grizzly bear that was active in the evening hours after dark.

Residents are being urged to take all necessary precautions and guidance, especially for Halloween night:

  • Parents should accompany their children when trick or treating, and travel in groups;
  • Avoid wooded areas;
  • Only place your pumpkins out on Halloween night and promptly remove them indoors once trick or treating is over;
  • Ensure candy is not left out;
  • Lock all garbage and organics totes and secure them in a garage, shed or workshop;
  • Remove any remaining fruit from trees on your property;
  • Avoid walking alone in the area. 

A trap has been set and COS is monitoring the situation.

 Please report all sightings to the 24/7 RAPP line at 1.877.952.7277.

October 30, 2020

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