Creating a Vibrant Downtown Squamish

Two downtown rezoning discussions are currently underway. Your feedback on these proposed changes is valued and appreciated. Please take a moment to review the following proposed changes and provide your input.

  1. Proposed Zoning Changes
  2. Downtown South Rezoning

Proposed Zoning Changes

July 2017 Update: Zoning options based on public input from the downtown zoning survey and May 4 workshop will be brought to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, July 25 for discussion purposes only. Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting; Click here to view the Staff Report which contains zoning options for Council’s consideration.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the May 4 workshop and completed the online survey. Click here to view the survey results summary.



The District is proposing changes to specific Downtown commercial zones to implement the vision of the Downtown Neighbourhood and Active Transportation Plans and achieve the following:

  • Increase commercial and office space Downtown to foster local employment;
  • Improve Downtown streetscapes by making them more green and pedestrian and bike friendly, while maintaining parking.

A May 4th workshop took a deep dive into the proposed zoning changes through a round-table discussion format. Stakeholders were invited to discuss the proposed changes with staff and fellow community members, and explore alternatives and options that will help us transform the Downtown into the vibrant and flourishing heart of our community.  

Downtown Squamish has been the focus of multiple plans, visions and strategies throughout the years. With Squamish among the fasted growing communities in Canada, and an influx of recent development concentrated Downtown, we must seize this opportunity to bring the vision and plans towards fruition. The District recently completed a draft Downtown Neighbourhood Plan and an Active Transportation Plan; our Official Community Plan update is also moving towards completion this year. Now is our chance to ensure these new developments align with the community’s Downtown vision.

(Click image to view larger version.)

05042017 map Downtown C4C10

The District is reaching out to the community, and is working in partnership with the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association and Squamish Chamber of Commerce to involve as many stakeholders as possible in this Downtown engagement workshop. We will be looking for input from land owners, business owners, and tenants, as well as the wider community.   

A workshop was held May 4, 2017. A survey is now open for two weeks for those unable to attend the workshop, or for those who wish to provide further input. A summary of the feedback gathered from the workshop and survey will be completed and presented to Council at a later date.

Stay up to date as we work towards implementing our Downtown and Active Transportation visions through zoning changes and other initiatives, by following this page.

Downtown South Zoning Changes

A property located at 37762 Third Avenue is proposing to rezone from Light Industrial (I-1) to a mixed-use zone. This rezoning has prompted District staff to explore a new Creative Mixed-Use District (MUD-2) zone envisioned to potentially become the zoning foundation for Downtown South. District staff would like to host a community engagement evening to present and discuss potential MUD-2 zoning concepts. Key concepts include: 

  • New uses that support creative employment and light industrial uses from small scale manufacturing to outdoor markets;

  • Employment space requirements with both height and residential density bonuses for providing affordable housing or ground floor level Industrial bays;

  • Creative building setbacks specific to each street, lane and mid-block corridors to accommodate dynamic streetscapes and laneway use and design; and,

  • Innovative uses for parking and loading bay areas.

downtown south third aveThe specific property being considered in the rezoning application which has prompted this discussion is highlighted in yellow on the left aerial map. Instead of creating a new zone just for this property the goal is to a design a zone so that it can generally apply to other properties that wish to rezone in the Downtown South Development Permit Area (highlighted in blue on the right map minus Aqua Development).


The District has drafted the new MUD-2 zone and will be leading the evening discussion. The applicants for rezoning application 37762 Third Avenue will be in attendance to participate in the discussion. 

The 2014 Draft Downtown Neighbourhood Plan identifies Downtown South as an area to support creative mixed use buildings with ground floor industrial bays, creative employment space and upper storey residential. 37762 Third Ave located in Downtown South first attempted to rezone the property to C-10 in December of 2016. The rezoning to artisan commercial and townhouses was not approved by Council. In February 2017, the applicants held an open house to propose a new multi-unit building concept with industrial bays to rezone the property to C-10. Although the building concept was generally supportable by the community at the open house, a number of comments still expressed concerns for the C-10 zone and its relevance to the evolving Downtown South community. Since then, staff have recognized the need to create a new and more relevant zone for this property that could potentially serve as the foundation for other rezoning applications in the Downtown South area. The District would like to use this evening to present key concepts of the MUD-2 zone and facilitate a discussion for questions and feedback.


Share your input
Please join the District for an informal meeting to discuss the new MUD-2 zone. At the meeting staff will provide an overview of key zoning topics relevant to Downtown South and plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and provide your input: 
Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 
Council Chambers, Municipal Hall, 37955 Second Avenue. 

Discussion materials

Council will formally consider the rezoning of 37762 Third Ave at a later date, to be determined. When the rezoning is brought to Council, all owners and tenants within 100m of the property located at 37762 Third Ave will be notified of the public hearing date and will have the opportunity to provide further comments. 
Property owner and tenant feedback on this application is valued and appreciated. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we invite you to please forward any input you may have to Kerry Hamilton, Planner at the District of Squamish, at or 604-815-4965. Your feedback will be forwarded to Council and included in the decision making process.  


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  • Matthew McClenaghan May 02, 2017

    Downtown Squamish needs more density and people to create a vibrant pedestrian friendly community that can support local shops. At its current state the shops and streets look tired. New buildings and more people will bring the area back to life.

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