Employment Lands Strategy

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Project Update - March 2015 - Complete

The District has completed a preliminary Employment Lands Strategy. The strategy outlines a portfolio of 16 phased recommendations for the District and stakeholders to consider to help address employment lands issues and to support three key employment objectives: to maintain and optimize the current inventory of employment lands; to expand the inventory of employment lands (particularly for medium industrial employment lands); and to help improve employment lands use management. One of the strategy’s core findings, and subsequent challenges for the District, is to secure additional medium employment lands, the supply of which is currently very limited. Medium industrial uses are typically manufacturing and warehousing businesses that require larger areas for storage yards and outdoor work and that generally require bigger setbacks from residential and commercial uses because of noise or other factors. Medium industrial businesses currently employ many residents and generate additional spending and spin-off employment in Squamish.

A second round of employment stakeholder focus groups was carried out on September 23. The draft was presented to the Economic Development Standing Committee on October 8 and to Council’s Committee of the Whole on October 14.  A final Council presentation took place on March 10th, 2015.

What is the Employment Lands Strategy Project?

The District of Squamish Employment Lands Strategy ensures that employment lands are available and used to their full potential for the community’s benefit, and to help meet the District’s local economic development objectives. The completed Employment Lands Strategy will help support District staff and Council decision-making around economic development, planning, and real estate. It will also support the development and updating of District plans and programs, including the anticipated Official Community Plan update that will be kicking off in 2015.

What are Employment Lands?

Employment lands refers to privately and publicly owned properties that support institutional, industrial, commercial, office and other land uses that employ people in a variety of jobs and a diversity of sectors (e.g. manufacturing, sales and service, research, etc.).


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