Visitor and Camping Management - Camping Bylaw


COMPLETED - the suite of bylaws was adopted May 25, 2021.


As part of a Visitor and Camping Management plan for 2021, the District has introduced a number of bylaw changes. The suite of bylaws:

  • Do not permit camping in District parks;
  • Do permit a homeless person to erect a temporary overnight shelter in specific places at set times in accordance with a recent B.C. Supreme Court ruling;
  • Help us manage the large influx of tourism traffic each summer;
  • Do not criminalize anyone;
  • Provide more enforcement tools;
  • Are supported with additional facilities like portable toilets, garbage cans, and additional bylaw officers on evenings and weekends.


Fact sheet and FAQ

View our FACT SHEET*


*amended following May 18 Camping Bylaw amendments


Proposed bylaws

The following bylaws received first three readings by Council at the May 4, 2021 Special Business Meeting: 

Traffic Bylaw:

 Park Use Bylaw:

 Camping Bylaw:

The Camping bylaw was amended at the May 18 Special Business Meeting:

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