Tote size and solid waste fees FAQ

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Questions about tote size changes

  • What is the cost to change my tote?

    For 2023, the tote exchange fee is $50.

    Tote fees (or Solid Waste Utility fees) cover all of the costs related to the bi-weekly curbside pickup of recycling, garbage and organics. The fees for the garbage tote sizes reflect the impact that more garbage has on our, almost-full, landfill. Residents will see a change in their annual Solid Waste Utility fee if they choose to change the size of their garbage tote.

  • What size tote do I have now?

    There are three tote sizes.

    95 gallons:  42.8 inches high and 27.7 inches wide

    65 gallons: 42.2 inches high and 25.9 inched wide

    35 gallons: 38.2 inches high and 35.8 inches wide


    For easy reference, recycling totes are medium size.

  • Can I opt out?

    It is not possible for individual residences to opt out of any portion of the solid waste services. The solid waste fees reflect the costs of providing all the solid waste services provided by the District including collection and processing of materials, staff time, and communications; there is no opportunity to break down the fees into their component parts. Whole townhouse complexes do have the option of receiving service directly from a commercial provider – contact the District if you would like to receive more information about this option. 

  • Why have the garbage tote prices increased?

    Fees have been increased due to the investment required to provide a solution to the lack of space in the Squamish landfill. Residents who produce more garbage, and require a larger tote, will pay higher Solid Waste Utility fees. There is no fee increase for the small garbage totes. The District of Squamish has developed a Zero Waste Strategy. A key element of that is to incentivize and provide options for residents to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost more in order to reduce the amount of garbage created per person. 

  • Are secondary suites required to have individual garbage service?

    Home owners with secondary suites can choose to cancel their garbage service - only for the secondary suite.  The District expects that tenants in secondary suites will then use the main (single family home) garbage/recycling/organics totes for their secondary suite. 

  • Why can't I exchange my recycling or organics tote?

    Due to our current residential contract with GFL Environmental and inventory reasons, residents can only exchange their current garbage totes by paying the District of Squamish change fee. 

    Residents who would like to upgrade their recycling tote from a 65 gallon tote to a 95 gallon tote may do so by setting up an account directly with GFL Environmental. Please call GFL Environmental directly at 604.892.5604.

  • When will my new tote arrive?

    Garbage tote exchanges are anticipated to take place in the Spring.


  • Will I have a higher utility bill if I exchange my garbage tote?

    Solid waste utility bills are determined by the amount of garbage you produce. If you increase the size of your garbage tote, you will have a higher solid waste utility bill. If you decrease the size of your garbage tote, your solid waste utility bill will also decrease. 

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