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Paying for Taxes and Utilities

  • When are my property taxes and utilities due?

    Property taxes and utilities are due the first business day following Canada Day.

  • What does the utility bill include?

    Utility charges at the District of Squamish include sewer, water and solid waste collection (garbage, organics and recycling curbside pickup). If you are in a strata complex that provides solid waste collection, this fee is part of your strata fee, and is not included on your utilities.

  • Can I pre-pay my utilities monthly?

    Yes. You can pre-pay your utilities and your property taxes monthly via post-dated cheques, telephone or Internet banking, or in person at Municipal Hall, but the balance must be paid in full by the deadline to avoid incurring the late payment penalty.

    The deadline for full payment will be the first business day following Canada Day.

  • Can my mortgage company/bank pay my property taxes and utilities?

    Your mortgage company/bank can pay your property taxes. Your mortgage company/bank WILL NOT receive the Utility fee portion of the invoice, and DOES NOT pay your utilities. In order to avoid incurring a penalty, discuss with your bank to ensure that you pay the utilities portion yourself.