Caution required as Squamish Estuary trail re-opens

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) has reopened the Squamish Estuary trail network (Wildlife Management Area) following a two-week closure to protect both the public and a sow and her yearling foraging in the area.

The trail network was initially closed following two separate surprise attacks involving individuals and the bears on Thursday, November 3. No further activity or conflicts have been reported since the closure.

Please use extra caution if recreating through the area, consider travelling in pairs or groups, and be sure to make as much noise as possible to avoid surprising wildlife. Most importantly, as per the BC Wildlife Act, the public is reminded that all dogs MUST be on leash in designated Wildlife Management Areas.

Thank you for helping to keep our Estuary trails open and our wildlife protected.

Please continue to report any wildlife sightings or encounters to the Conservation Officer Service Hotline at 1.877.952.7277.

November 25, 2022

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