Efforts continue to finalize new drop-off recycling location following Queens Way Recycle Depot closure

The District of Squamish is supporting Recycle BC - the non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling in B.C. - in their efforts to establish a new long-term recycling depot in Squamish.

Recycle BC services a network of recycling depots across the province and works with private operators to host drop-off collection sites and collect Recycle BC materials, thus removing the responsibility for local governments to manage taxpayer-financed recycling programs. GFL (the current host) is ending the contract due to space constraints and site safety concerns. The Queens Way Recycle Depot will remain open through May 31, 2024. 

Residential packaging and paper recycling is regulated through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) under provincial Recycling Regulation. As an EPR organization, Recycle BC is responsible for the cost of providing recycling of this material across the province.

Having a central, accessible Recycle Depot is important to supporting residents in their efforts to divert recycling waste from the Landfill. Although the District of Squamish Landfill and London Drugs include an on-site Recycling Depot, Recycle BC is required to provide depot-only material collection services in Squamish. All efforts are being made to finalize a new drop-off recycling location in order to continue offering the services currently provided at the Queens Way location.

More information will be shared as this project progresses.

March 28, 2024

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