Mayor urges community to take social distancing seriously

 Social distancing critical in response to COVID-19


The District of Squamish is urging all residents to adhere to social distancing in order to protect our community’s most vulnerable in our collective efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

“Our number one job is to help protect our seniors and also the more vulnerable folks in our community,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “We live in a community with an average age of just 37.5 which means that, if contracted, many of us could treat the COVID-19 virus easily while at home. That is not necessarily the case for those with pre-existing health conditions, and the risk increases for those over 50, and rises quite dramatically for those over 80. I am asking our younger population to please be mindful of your civic duty to help protect those who do not find themselves in your enviable position.”

The recommended approach to manage the spread of this virus in Squamish and elsewhere continues to be: Wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and stay home when you're sick. Keep two metres away from others if out. Apply a low threshold to any symptoms you may have. If in doubt, be cautious and stay home. 

“Keep the two-metre or six-feet distance. Don’t go out if you are showing any symptoms,” continues Elliott. “It’s just fine to ask for help and get someone to pick you up food and other key supplies. Give people distance at shops and grocery stores and on the sidewalk. This is our new normal. Let’s take care of each other.”


Self-Assessment Online Tool

Anyone concerned about exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms they are experiencing should complete the B.C. Ministry of Health Self-Assessment Tool available at for assessment and direction. This tool has been created to redirect the need for everyone to call 8.1.1., as this phone system has been challenged with the volume of calls.  

The District of Squamish continues to follow the recommendations of British Columbia's Ministry of Health and Vancouver Coastal Health and is working to share information and operational updates in order to help keep our community healthy.

Facebook groups have been set up by concerned residents with the goal of connecting willing, healthy volunteers with residents who are self-isolating or ill, and who may need groceries or supplies picked up. 

For ongoing District of Squamish updates, information and municipal facilities status, please continue to stay tuned to


March 20, 2020

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