Frontage and Sidewalk Maintenance Bylaw

The Frontage and Sidewalk Maintenance Bylaw 2669, 2019 was adopted on September 17, 2019

The District of Squamish is working on an updated Frontage and Sidewalk Maintenance Bylaw. The Community Charter allows Municipalities to require residents to maintain the cleanliness and safety of public property along the front of their property. Some of these requirements include shoveling snow from sidewalks, trimming grass and pruning trees in the boulevard area in front of your property.

boulevard drawing

Typical road section including a boulevard area

These regulations currently live in two separate bylaws: the Boulevard Bylaw and the Traffic Bylaw. The intention behind the update is to consolidate the regulations into one bylaw, clarify what can and cannot occur in a boulevard area and layout the expectations on the level of maintenance of boulevard areas. Examples of the maintenance provisions outlined in the bylaw, include:

  • Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks in front of their property.
  • Clearing garbage or other rubbish deposited in the boulevard in front of their property.
  • Watering Trees, shrubs, bushes hedges, grass or other vegetation in the boulevard in compliance with the District of Squamish Outdoor Water Use Bylaw, to ensure that the vegetation remains healthy.
  • Cutting lawns in the boulevard in front of their property.
  • Pruning and trimming hedges and trees in the boulevard in front of their property.

The combined bylaw will outline restrictions on what can and cannot be done in a boulevard. Examples of some restrictions: cutting down trees, planting shrubs, altering ditches or ditch crossings, damaging infrastructure, paving the boulevard etc.

View the proposed bylaw.

Current bylaws:

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