E-Bike Pilot Program

The District of Squamish is always seeking opportunities to reduce its Corporate Carbon Footprint.  This is a serious commitment, and even small changes can make a big impact. The District has recently launched a pilot to utilize e-bikes and reduce the amount of vehicle use. Three e-bikes are available for District staff to use in place of driving a car, truck or van while during working hours. The bikes are located at Brennan Park Recreation Centre, Municipal Hall and Public Works as alternative transportation option for District to and from District facilities or attend offsite meetings.

Why E-Bikes?

  • Faster and easier than a regular pedal bike
  • Charges instead of using fuel
  • Reduces fuel consumption and carbon foot-print
  • Alleviates parking issues
  • Promotes active transportation

The pilot program is funded by rebates offered by the provincial government for the District's commitment to the Climate Action Charter. 

Learn more about the Climate Action Charter and how the District is working towards carbon neutrality. 

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