Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

The District of Squamish has invested heavily in recent years in the development of master plans in such areas as Liquid Waste Management, Flood Hazard Management, Well Protection, Sewer, Water and Asset Management to help guide our work over the decades to come.

The District has developed an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) in order to prepare a blueprint that supports the growth of the community in a way that enhances the overall health of the watershed. 

The ISMP will be a powerful tool that enables Squamish to set a clear direction for what the growing community – and its relationship with the environment – looks like. The project will establish a solid, asset-based and environmentally focused service plan with clear ties to environmental improvement that will boost protection of riparian stream corridors and wetlands to enhance fish and aquatic habitat. The project will also guide how stormwater service is funded so that it is sustainable long-term, which may impact current tax rates.

This project is funded in part through federal Gas Tax funding.


What is stormwater? 

Stormwater is the water collected through ditches and culverts along our roads and in front of our houses from rainfall and snowmelt that flows into creeks, ponds, rivers and the estuary - all of which impacts fish and the environment. 

What are watersheds?

Watersheds, or catchments, are areas in which stormwater will land and drain down to the point where it is released into a water body. For example, the Mamquam River watershed is the area that drains stormwater into the Mamquam River and then into Howe Sound.

Why is stormwater infrastructure important?

The pooling of stormwater can cause flooding if it is not properly managed. Adequate infrastructure such as ditches, pipes, and culverts will ensure stormwater is safely transported away from property.

What is stormwater management?

Stormwater management refers to the way stormwater is controlled. Stormwater is managed through infrastructure such as ditches, pipes, and ponds. Development can also impact the amount of stormwater that is created.

What is stormwater service?

Stormwater service refers to how the District builds, manages and maintains stormwater infrastructure as a service to the community, in the same way that it provides water, sewer, fire, and other essential services. 


Get involved:

The District launched a community survey to collect input on Phase 1 of the Plan. The survey document provided comprehensive information and proposed plan highlights that identify priority watersheds, management practices and improvements. It also outlined a set of ten key goals based on what we've heard through early stakeholder meetings with the Squamish Nation and representatives from the development and environmental stewardship communities. 

The survey was  open through March 29.



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