#SlowdownSquamish safety campaign urges residents to take their time heading back to school


School zone speed limit back in effect

The District of Squamish and Squamish RCMP have once again launched the #SlowDownSquamish safety campaign to urge drivers to reduce their speed as Squamish youth head back to school.

“This is a busy time of the year on the roads and we all have a responsibility to help keep our youth safe,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “Our commitment to safety will be seen throughout key areas in Squamish with lowered speed limits and also in the recent improvements to our active transportation infrastructure including commuter cycling routes, mixed-use trail systems and sidewalk networks. But school zones and infrastructure improvements are not enough if drivers are distracted, parking in bike lanes, or ignoring speed limits in a rush to get where they’re going. We’re asking our community to be mindful of our children and our youth as they make their way to and from school within any neighbourhood, not just in school zones.”

A school zone speed limit of 30 kilometres is now in effect between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on any school day. Squamish RCMP members will be conducting school zone speed and safety enforcement to keep students safe. 

"Road safety is paramount especially when driving around high-risk areas such as school zones,” says Squamish RCMP Corporal Angela Kermer. “We are urging drivers to be extra vigilant and slow down particularly around bus stops in the early morning or late in the day. We will be patrolling areas in and around school zones and bus routes to enforce traffic violations and help keep our youth safe.”  

Drivers are reminded to slow down, avoid stopping or parking in designated No Parking areas, keep bike lanes clear at all times, watch for children and always remain focused on the road, especially in and around school zones.

HASTe BC and the District have developed Best Routes to School maps for all six public elementary schools in Squamish. Families are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the recommended best routes, “Drive to 5” locations (areas located within a five-minute walk to school enabling caregivers to drop off or pick up students and avoid school traffic congestion), trails, marked crosswalks and pedestrian signals, and bus stops. Best Routes to School maps are available at squamish.ca/safe-routes.

Fast Facts:

  • The District of Squamish has invested more than $1.5M on safe routes to school infrastructure projects since 2016.
  • According to ICBC, 370 children are injured each year in B.C. while walking or cycling.
  • Every year, 66 children are injured in crashes within school and playground zones in B.C.

For more information visit squamish.ca/slowdown. 



September 7, 2021

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