Operations update - Snow clearing efforts

After an approximate snowfall of up to 50 centimetres in 48 hours, District snow clearing crews continue to work around the clock to clean up. During the storm, the focus remained on keeping the “red” priority routes open (transit and emergency routes).

Efforts since the snow has stopped are focused on working throughout the neighbourhoods to remove snow from all streets. Crews have also been focused on overpasses, business area sidewalk letdowns, crosswalks, accessible parking spots and letdowns, and bus stops. 

With more snow and heavy rains in the forecast, crews will now focus on “widening out “ the main routes. This is done to ensure that a) we have enough room for snow storage for the next storm expected on Wednesday, and b) to push back snow to the ditch and catch basins to allow for drainage. (A common misconception is that this work is done specifically to clear bike lanes for cyclists at the expense of snowing in pedestrian sidewalks. This is not the case. Widening the roads is done to clear storm drains, which are often in bike lanes). 

What this means to residents

“Widening out” the streets may cause frustration to residents because the ends of driveways may get filled in. Crews will try to remove significant windrows across driveways as much as possible, however please understand that it is not always possible. We ask all residents for assistance and patience while we do our best to ensure the roads are safe, and to prepare for the upcoming storms. 

Crews began clean up work in Brackendale and will head south. If your road has not been plowed yet, please contact the District at 604-815-6868.

How you can help

  • Please remove vehicles from the road where possible. With more snow on the way, we are running out of storage space and it is difficult for our plows to maintain the roads efficiently around parked cars.
  • For their safety, please don’t allow children to play or build forts in the snow piles on the streets and at the end of your driveway. Snow plow drivers may be moving/widening that snow pile, and it is not safe for children to play in those areas.

Drive with extra caution

  • Significant snow piles are causing sight line restrictions; please be extra cautious.
  • Some roads still have compact snow on them and may be slippery. As we add material, the snow and/or ice bond will loosen, allowing us to remove the snow and ice.

Sidewalks are everyone’s responsibility

  • Please help us keep all members of our community moving – including on the sidewalks. The Traffic Bylaw states that you are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of your home or business.
  • If the plows come along and plow snow back onto your sidewalk, we thank you for your extra efforts! We do not mean to make the job more difficult for you. We are not plowing the bike lanes at the expense of the sidewalks; “widening out” the roads is done to address drainage issues and accommodate snow storage with more snow on the way.

Help a neighbour!

Please help a neighbour clear their sidewalk or driveway if they need a hand.

Contact Information

Report a road not cleared: Operations – 604-815-6868

Report a sidewalk not cleared: Bylaw Services – 604-815-5067


February 06, 2017

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  • Dave Colwell Feb 06, 2017

    I live on Kintyre Drive GH. Throughout the winter we have put up with considerable inconvenience, willingly; but in return, please consider this:

    Snow plow operators, when approaching driveway openings, have a choice to either lift the blade when passing or to curve out and then in. This is often not attempted and would it be considerate if this were done more often. Just a little more time taken would mean a lot . I have a 50ft driveway, and my wife and I are over 70. We have shoveled our driveway 6 times already this year in the manner suggested by you, meticulously.

    Thank you. We have no sidewalks yet we pay the same taxes as those who do!

  • Sheri Newman Feb 06, 2017

    Jordan did an amazing job of clearing snow on Hospital Hill on Sunday February 5, 2017. Thank you for making the roads wider without burying driveways!!!

    • Dave Colwell Feb 06, 2017

      Way to go Jordan , we need more like you!

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