Cannabis Retail

The District has regulated cannabis retail since July 5, 2016. The District of Squamish began accepting Business Licence applications for cannabis retail on July 6, 2016 by email or in person at the Community Planning counter, Municipal Hall.

  • Resident Business Licence application information and forms can be found online
  • Applications that address all necessary requirements will be processed according to the date the application was received. Applicants will be contacted if there are outstanding items within their application. Applications substantially lacking in required submissions may be deemed incomplete and cancelled. 

Zoning Requirements for Cannabis Retail

Cannabis Retail is permitted in all zones that permit ‘retail store’ as a principal use. A Cannabis Retail establishment is also required to meet the Conditions of Use listed in section 4.37 of the Zoning Bylaw. These include:

  • Cannabis Retail location must be located: 
    • Further than 300m (984.3 ft.) from another cannabis retail location (property line to property line);
    • Further than 300m (984.3 ft.) from the property line of a site containing a school; 
    • Further than 300m (984.3 ft.) from the Squamish Youth Resource Centre and Brennan Park; and, 
  • Cannabis Retail is not permitted on any parcel with frontage on Cleveland Avenue. 

It is recommended that an individual contemplating a Cannabis Retail business contact the District to ensure their proposed location meets the Conditions of Use. 

Relevant Bylaws

District of Squamish Business Licenses will be issued if all the conditions are met under the following bylaws. Visit the Bylaw Library to view.

 The following information must accompany a business licence application for cannabis retail:

  • A security plan acceptable to the Chief Building Official;

  • Contact information for a responsible person available to be contacted at any time;

  • A criminal record information check for the person who applies for the business licence and every store manager;

  • Proof of a security alarm contract providing for monitoring at all times; and,

  • Proof of application for a provincial licence.


  • Cannabis Retail Business Licence fee: $5,000
  • The fine for operating without a valid business licence is $100 per day.


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