Open Houses

Thank you everyone who attended the third Open House on Monday, June 26. The District appreciates the interest and thoughtful suggestions provided by attendees. The Open House and Online Survey Summary Report are available for viewing - click to open report.


Thank you to the over 35 attendees of Open House #2, to see a summary of information presented at the meeting see links below.

Presentation Materials:

Thank you to the over 70 attendees of Open House #1! The District received excellent feedback and well-informed questions and comments from members of the public. For those unable to attend the Open House, there is still an opportunity to review Presentation Materials and provide feedback.

Several coastal flood defense options have been developed and were presented for public input on the options, risks, consequences, and potential mitigation measures.

View the information boards from the meeting.

To see a summary of public feedback from Open House #1, please click here.

The official comment period for Open House #1 has now closed, but you are always welcome to provide input on the Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan by email.

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts!


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