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The District of Squamish, youth, and community partners have developed a Youth Strategy to better support Squamish youth (12-18 years old) and emerging adults (19-24 years old) to allow them to grow and develop to their highest potential. The Youth Strategy provides actionable goals to enhance support for youth and emerging adults; improves working partnerships between youth, caregivers and service providers; and, creates pathways to ensure that youth are seen as partners in their own future.

The Youth Strategy outlines the current reality for youth in Squamish, identifies the future needs of youth and emerging adults, and provides a list of actions to promote the most positive physical, psychological and social development outcomes.

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  • Develop a vision/values (or best practices) for the Youth Strategy
  • Comprehensive community engagement with youth, youth service providers, and caregivers
  • Reports on gaps and opportunities (physical space, programs)
  • Report on recommendations/future actions in theme areas:
    • Youth engagement
    • Youth spaces (transportation too)
    • Youth programs (leisure, art, sport)
    • Youth health and wellness (mental health too)
    • Transitioning into Adulthood (life skills, work experience, post-secondary)

Project timeline, including opportunities for public input:

2020 - Implementation

December 2019 - Community roll-out

November 2019

  • Nov. 26 - Youth Strategy presented to council.
  • Nov. 6 - Second Youth Dialogue held at Quest. 

October 2019


  • Sept. 24 - Squamish Youth Leadership Summit
  • Sept. 18 - Don Ross Middle School Open House

June to July 

  • Youth Strategy Survey was open (Jun. 7 to Jul. 15)


  • May 30 -  Community Consultation session held at Quest University. Open to all community members in that age range to attend.
  • May 29 - Third Community Engagement Event. World Café* event engaging with students from the Alternative School, Aboriginal Leadership Class and the Diversity Club.
  • May 21 - Second Community Engagement Event - A World Café* was held at Don Ross Middle School, engaging approximately 25 students.
  • May 2 - First Community Engagement Event - Over 70 students from Howe Sound Secondary School participated in a World Café* event.
  • * World Café: A meeting process featuring a series of simultaneous conversations in response to predetermined questions. Participants change table during the process and focus on identifying common ground in response to each question. World Cafés are designed to foster open communication ans sharing within a group.

April 2019

  • Recommendations were presented to Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting, Tuesday April 2, 2019. Council adopted the following motion:

THAT the District of Squamish endorse the Engagement Opportunity, Project Purpose, Project Goals, and set the Level of Engagement for the Community Engagement at Collaborate for the development of a Youth Strategy.

AND THAT representatives of youth and emerging adult groups be added to working groups forming a Youth Strategy.

Click here to view project presentation video.

Fall 2018
Squamish Youth Engagement Strategy Report Card

Youth Speak Up Report

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