Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan

The final phase of the IFHMP involves the preparation of the Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan, with recommendations for dike improvements and updated flood management policy. Policy updates include recommendations for new Official Community Plan Hazard Policy, a Development Permit Area, and a new Floodplain Bylaw.

What is an Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan?

IFHMP logoThe District of Squamish’s Flood Hazard Management Plan is being updated and we want you to be a part of it! The new Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan (IFHMP) will guide development and land use in Squamish for years to come. The IFHMP process provides an opportunity for Squamish to maintain its commitment to livability and sustainability by incorporating the latest flood management guidelines, new engineering modeling tools and techniques, and best planning practices. An effective IFHMP will depend on community interest and public support.


Back in 1994, the District of Squamish completed the first Flood Hazard Management Plan (FHMP) that was intended to do just what it sounds like – manage and mitigate the potential flood risk for the District of Squamish. It established Flood Construction Levels (FCLs) and provided guidance for urban development within the Squamish River and Mamquam River Floodplains.

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A generation after its adoption, the FHMP now needs to be revisited and updated – like any good plan in order to stay relevant. The updated IFHMP will take into account the growing population, legislative and regulatory changes, new professional standards, provincial guidance, flood hazard assessment best practices, and environmental change (including on-going sea level rise and associated storm surge effects).


This diagram illustrates a history of flooding in Squamish since the late 1800’s.


The IFHMP began in the spring 2014 and will continue through mid 2017.

Open House dates:

  • Open House #1 – Coastal Flood Hazard Mitigation Options - Held October 23, 2014. Click here for more information.
  • Open House #2 – Risk Analysis – Winter 2016.  Click here for more information.
  • Open House #3 – Presentation of the Draft IFHMP for Feedback – Summer 2017.
    • Also for those unable to attend, a Powerpoint presentation of information provided at the Open House is available for viewing: click to view presentation.

There are five planned District Council presentations, all open to the public. Further Council presentations will be given as required throughout the project.

Project Team

The District has retained a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to assist in the preparation of the Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan. Please click here to meet the experts.