Garibaldi Springs Park

Updated May 2023

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) and the District of Squamish have announced the creation of a 36.69-hectare (90.66-acre) conservation area known as Garibaldi Springs Ecological Reserve. The centrally located conservation area protects and expands critical habitat for provincially red-listed species. Stewardship will also include the re-wilding of altered forest and riparian areas.

The ecological reserve was made possible through land dedication and site remediation work by Polygon Developments Ltd. as part of an overall development plan for this previous golf course site.

Read the announcement here.

The Garibaldi Springs site on Tantalus Road was rezoned in October 2018 with an overall development plan providing for a large ecological reserve (shown in green on adjacent plan), active park uses (orange area) and residential development (blue). Dedication of the public park lands to the District, restoration of habitat areas and construction of parks and trails are key elements of the community amenities secured during the rezoning process. Transfer of park land to the District is currently underway through a subdivision process.

Park Design
The overall park design can be viewed at this link. The focus of the park area is habitat restoration from the previous golf course use, as well as a main active “hub park” near the Tantalus Road entrance providing play areas, picnic areas, community gardens, bike wash station, washrooms and other facilities. A trail network runs through the active park area and links the main residential “nodes” on the site. Once completed, access to the park and trails will be available from Dowad Drive, Tantalus Road and Newport Ridge Drive. Final details of the park design are being completed and will be secured in a Servicing Agreement with the developer.

Current Habitat Restoration Work
The project developer (Polygon Homes) is currently proceeding with habitat restoration work as authorized by the Province and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and by a environmental development permit issued by the District in April 2021. This work consists of removal of existing/older culverts and bridges, decommissioning some previous cart paths/trails, new riparian plantings, creation of new wetlands and upland plantings. Details of the approved environmental restoration can be viewed here.

Please note that the park area is closed to the public during park construction for safety reasons.

Next Steps in Park Construction
As habitat restoration work is completed, the active use areas of the park will be completed, including trail construction/restoration, installation of lighting, benches, picnic and play equipment. Completion of the park is anticipated for late 2022, at which time the trails and play areas will be open to the public.

If you have questions on the park development, please contact Dave Marrow, Director of Major Projects (email or 604.815.4953).

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